Party Reviews

So with Club Penguin’s closer on all of our minds, why don’t we throwback to all of the amazing parties they’ve had? Oh no, I’m not gonna review every single party CP has had, just the ones I’ve experienced. I have been to some amazing parties, and some not so amazing parties…. However, we might as well talk about them anyways. Let’s waddle down memory lane!

NOTE: Since the amount of parties I have experienced is too much for ya’ll to read in one sitting, I’ll be updating this post along the way! Also, be warned! Any parties before the Soundstudio Party do not have my screenshots. I did not take screenshots back then.

Puffle Party 2012:


Oh, this. This is a classic. This particular Puffle Party introduced transformations. You could transform into any puffle available at the time, if you were a member. (RIP me. I did not have a membership at the time.) This was my first party! I clearly remember adopting two puffles. The blue and red ones of course! I named them cool and hot (Please do not question my creativity back then, I had none. XD) Then I waddled over to the Puffle Lodge and got a hat for each of them.

Ah, memories.


Now that I’m thinking about it, the puffle play zone looked so fun! You could become a puffle and take care of YOURSELF! If only puffles were that efficient! Again, RIP my past self for not having a membership.

Other than that, I remember the Puffle Show being a hit. It only came into my mind recently because CPRewritten had it for their Puffle Party throwback. I only then just realized how cool that room was. Thanks guys. (Did I just read PH became a mascot during this party?! I didn’t know that. The more you know.)

Only the fastest puffles could win!

April Fools Party 2012:


I swear I don’t remember much to this party. I mean yes, the rooms always looked familiar. But I almost skipped over this one. Heck, I may not have even attended this one. Anyways, it’s not like I didn’t like this party, ’cause I do. This party is super wacky and weird which makes it unique in its own way. I think we can all remember the iceberg, which turned out to be ice in a bucket, so realistic! Or the (drawing? art? No wait it’s doodle) dimension where we were completely 2d. Can’t remember their names. But most importantly, the orange puffle came out during this party. Continuing the celebration maybe? Is it still Club Puffle after all? I don’t know what’s real anymore!

Cookies! Cookies everywhere!

Medieval Party 2012:


Oh yes. 2012’s Medieval Party is considered by most penguins the best medieval party. Why? Well for one, the story was awesome. The dragon king, Scorn, comes to CP Island and wrecks havoc on the kingdom. And only brave knights and princesses can stop him (that is, if you where a member).


What… What happened here? The greatest battle ever.


The Ye Knights Quest returned again. There was one quest for nonmembers, too! I remember the final room, finishing Part I of the Knights Quest, and getting my awesome armor! And tbh, Medieval Parties are amazing. Every single one was a classic. Scorn was a pretty cool character too, even if he only appeared in one party. We love yah Scorn.


Only real Knights could get here.

Marvel Party 2012:


Im still not sure if I visited this one, the 2013 one, or both. I’m pretty sure I attended this one though. This is one of the better takeovers out there. A meteorite crashed at the Dock with unusual powers. The Ultimate Protobot decided to use its powers to power the Destructobot. With villains having the upper hand, CP needed some real heroes. Who better to call than the Avengers?

This room was so cool. Look at all those costumes!

Memebers could dress up as Thor, Captain America, Hulk, or any of the Avengers. And don’t forget the villains! There was some costumes for them too. Nonmembers were surprisingly given a load a free items during this party. They could be a police or robber. Anyone could pick a side to be on: a villian or a hero. (However, that doesn’t mean you had to stay on that side. I guess you could be a hero during the day and a villain at night. Double agent?!)

Looks like I could either hit the Destructobot, or help it. Who says I can’t do both? No ones stopping me. 



#CPAroundTheClock- 24 Hours straight!

Hello penguins! It’s Nina1059 here. My friend DasiyDoo14 has created an event which is coming up soon. It’s called “CP Around the Clock” (#CPAroundTheClock). This event starts on June 24 at noon and ends one day later. 24 parties will be held, one for each hour!

Here is a message from Daisy about the event.

CP Around the Clock1CP Around the Clock2

As you can see, this is gonna be a big event. There are 24 DIFFERENT hosts. There is also going to be a door prize for each party. Notice that I will be hosting an hour at 4:00 PST (Yes, these times are PST). I’m not sure what I’ll be giving out for my party. Maybe a 1-on-1 play session since I can’t do graphics and I have no codes. XD (Maybe you guys should tell me what you want.)

So this will be an interesting day. You may go off and do some chores or hang out with your family, but no matter what, there will always be a party on CP that day. Some of you guys may need to invest in some coffee. XD (I would advise Gary.) And make sure to follow @DaisyDoo_14 on Twitter to keep up with the info on #CPAroundTheClock.

What do you penguins think about this event? Will you be attending? Leave a comment below! Until next time:

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POTW: Brownlenny24

Hello penguins! It’s Nina1059 here. I want to start making a blog post EVERY Monday about the new Penguin of the Week, since the main focus of this blog is about our amazing community!  So this weeks POTW is none other than Blownlenny24! He was nominated by his own sibling! Here is there comment…


Congrats Feathers4444! I would like to nominate my little brother brownlenny24 for POTW. He loves club penguin and I think that it has brought me and him closer together. He is super kind and a wonderful brother. He is about to get a membership and being POTW would put the icing on the cake.

Isn’t that the sweetest thing? 😀 I think you just made his membership a WHOLE lot better Star! It even sounds like YOU should deserve POTW for being so considerate.

If anyone sees Brownlenny24, make sure to shout him out and say congrats for becoming POTW. I think a friend request would also be suitable! What do you guys think about this week’s POTW? Leave a comment below!

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Trending Summer Fashions For June! (New Clothing Catalog)

Hey penguins! It’s Nina1059 here. Summer clothing is now in season for Club Penguin. There is a new clothing catalog for June! It features fruit, animals, and some classic throwbacks! Let’s dive right in!

Here is an ad for the new clothing and furniture trending this June.

July Items

Let’s take a look at this fun cover!

This penguin is going to “shop ’till she drops.”

Check out that golden wig! There are rumors out there that say its made with REAL gold. But, you can’t just buy a gold wig for 250 coins…. I’m also not sure if those shoes go well with her outfit.


These look like some epic fashions! Look at those yummy donuts! There is now a green variant of the “Donut Helmet.” (Not official name) Though the head item that the penguin is wearing, was already in the catalog…









I have to say, the outfit that this penguin is wearing, is so chill. Perfect for the summer heat. (Which isn’t much on CP island.)


Here is some other cool items. I see a rad item return from the Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam.


You can dress up as a yummy apple or a watermelon! Check out these “Farm Fresh Fashions!” (Not sure if that feet item comes from a farm….)


Now to the classic throwbacks! Most of these items come from older issues of the treasure book.


Though, I’m not sure what those coats and boots are doing in a summer issue of the clothing catalog…


It’s the “Penguins at Work” outfit! In this issue, it features a farming penguin raking away at the leaves. I bet Bunnyburrow has many of these penguins working over there.


Don’t forget the epic backgrounds which can be featured on your playercard! I see an especially old background which looks like a stable.


That’s it for all of the new trends in the clothing catalog! What do you penguins think about this month’s new clothing catalog? Leave a comment below!

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Zootopia Continues Construction (New Items and Rooms Added)

Hello penguins! It’s Nina1059 here. Today, Zootopia city has expanded! The construction crew has worked hard to add new places to this HUGE city. There are some new trends out there, too.  Designers have added new clothing! Let’s check out all the new things, shall we?

Don’t worry, Judy will catch you up on new things in Zootopia.

“Hi everyone. Now you can visit Mr. Big’s, the Department of Mammal Vehicles, Little Rodentia, and even my hometown, Bunnyborrow!”

 Here we have Judy Hopps’ hometown. Bunnyborrow!

Everything fresh is grown right here!

The bunny farmers make sure every crop is perfect before sending it to Zootopia. There is a lot of land out here. Miles and miles of farmland. Though, health inspectors have banned the flowers some folks call “night-howlers” from growing here. We don’t want THAT to happen again.

Next up- Mr. Big has allowed “some” guests to visit his home in Tundra Town.

Can I have some iced coffee?

Mr. Big is a serious guy. No one messes with him. His henchmen are… Polar Bears… Has Herbert been working with someone behind the scenes?! Mr. Big’s own name is ironic since, he is a mouse. (Don’t tell him I said that…)

Here we can see (maybe we can’t) Little Rodentia!

I can order some mini donuts and some mini cheese and some mini…. (You get the point)

If your not a mouse, I don’t think you would be comfortable living in this town. I think there is only mouse-sized beds so…. But somehow, I have been shrunken! Herbert…. did you use your laser again…?

We certainly CANNOT forget the Department of Mammal Vehicles!

I got here early so I can be the first one out of this place! Though it may take an hour….

No other place gives you the most speedy service in Zootopia! (We may be exaggerating.) The whole place is run by sloths! Make sure you talk to Flash the sloth. He’ll get you out of there in less than an hour. Oh, and don’t take your license photos here. I heard most animals got HORRBLE pictures! And there’s no retakes!

Some epic fashions are out too! Check out these outfits inspired by Mayor Lionheart, Flash, and Chief Bogo!


There you have it penguins! What did you think about these new rooms and clothing? Is there anything else you wish Club Penguin could have added? Leave a comment below!

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The PTA: Vote for Me for “Most Helpful”

Hello penguins! It’s Nina1059 here. As you know, the community is abuzz with the 5th annual “Penguin Talented Awards,” or PTA for short. It is fan made event which is hosted by TKCPCheats. Penguins got to nominate others (or themselves) to win an award they thought would be appropriate. The different categories for the awards are Penguin of the Year, Best Blogger, Best Blog, Best Newest Club Penguin Blog, Most Creative, Best Graphics Designer, Best Twitter Account, Best Community Event, Most Helpful, Best Youtuber, Best Igloo Designer, & Best Spanish Blog.

As you can see there are LOADS of different categories! The best thing about this is that I got nominated for “Most Helpful!” This is awesome! When I joined Twitter last year, the PTA already happened. So technically, the first time I am able to experience the PTA, I was nominated! Whoever nominated me, (and you now who you are 😀 ), thanks! I’m glad that I have a good reputation in this community.

So to make this more or less, my “title,” I would love for you to vote for me- here! Now, I’m not trying to force you to vote for me. If there’s someone on that list who GENUINELY is more helpful than me, than vote for them!

Good luck to the other contestants out there! I hope we enjoy this experience.

Waddle on!      ~~~Nina1059

A Piece of Art By: Skyblue10

Hello penguins! It’s Nina1059 here. Today I am starting a new series called “A Piece of Art,” which showcases fan art made by penguins in our amazing community! For today’s edition, we’re showcasing Sky’s fan art of Cadence!

Sky’s an amazing artist. He posts a lot of his art on his twitter account and even has a Deviantart page. Here is a look at a recent fan art he made.

Cadence Fan Art (Skyblue10)
The colors though! 😀


He’s been practicing a new art technique called “line art.” I think this is amazing! The lines are so smooth and the bright bold colors go together perfectly! It’s a simple but beautiful Piece of Art. Sky made this fan art at 12 o’ clock midnight, which is very interesting to me. He must have been enjoying himself. 🙂

So in the end, shoutout to Skyblue10 for a great Piece of Art! What do you think about this fan art? Any fan art you would like to be featured? Leave a comment below!

Waddle on!         ~~~Nina1059